wrote to my guide for the first time, here’s how it went

this is exactly how she wrote it, by the way.. funny grammar :) “annie, can you tell me about my last life before this?” she said: you were a woman in the 70s, a true gentle spirit as you are today. you passed of cancer. there is no correlation to u today w/ that. u worry about it still becuz of ur past. let go of ur death scares. your dad, this was his battle this time around. he was with y before while u battled, as ur brother. tuff relationship like now, but he took care of u like he does now even if he did drive u crazy then and now. u were an artist of course, but lived a hard life. bad choices, career was never fufilled as y feel still in this life. u made conscious effort 2 find ur right one before u came again. only ur dad in past life. ur family was around but in dif time periods. i want to tell u about your gypsy. Europe. u (heart here)  Europe. u lived there w/ me as gyp. special. talented. ur soul speaks always always connected w/ spirit world. God made u that way. mother was there as a dear friend. late 1880-1900s. u had dark features. kelsey sis. opposites then as u r now. forever the bond. eric there — classy gentleman. unrequited (heart here) forever bonded. true love. keep forward. this is your calling. remember that always. u always have. love u. u will visit Europe do not worry. stop worrying over travel!! u will i will guide u to it. write me everyday. speak of progress. we will get u where u need to be. (heart here) 

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